Eshop / 06. Troubleshooting
Updated: 04. January 2019
Author: Peter Širka

06. Troubleshooting

Professional Support Chat with contributors

Images are not resized, why?

The problem can be in missing GraphicsMagick library. You need to install GraphicsMagick (default) or ImageMagick, both libraries are multiplatform.

How can I solve slow picture resizing?

I had same problem on macOS with GraphicsMagick. Try to switch GraphicsMagick to ImageMagick in app /config file:

default-image-converter   : im

Then don't forgot to restart app.

Why I can't login with right credentials?

Eshop has a small protection for testing credentials. If some user performs more than 5 attempts to login then the system blocks IP for 15 minutes. So maybe is your IP blocked.

Why I can't upload larger file than 3 MB?

Uploading files is limited according to rules below and you can extend this size in: /controllers/admin.js file.

  • uploading in Products, File Browser or Drag & Drop in CMS editor: 3 MB (multipart)
  • cropped pictures in CMS editor have limit: 2 MB (base64)