Flow / 07. Troubleshooting
Updated: 04. January 2019
Author: Peter Širka

07. Troubleshooting

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Where can I find some Flow tutorials?

Why do some components disappear when I applied Flow?

The problem can be in message size limit. You need to increase it in main Flow options. Default limit is 150 kB.

// Sets the message size limit to 1 MB
package#flow      (Object)   : { limit: 1000 }

How can I extend existing Total.js application?

Download Flow.package file from GitHub and copy it here:

$ cp flow.package /yourapp/packages/flow.package
  • restart app
  • open your.hostname.com/$flow/ URL address in your web browser

Can I trust to Flow pred-defined templates?

I think so. Only two peoples have access to GitHub Flow Components repository: Peter Širka and Martin Smola. We seriously check each change in the Flow components because we use Flow too.

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