jComponent / 12. Troubleshooting
Updated: 17. August 2019
Author: Peter Širka

12. Troubleshooting

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Migration from v15 to v16

The big different between v15 and v16 is in component internal prototypes. Changes are described here:

component.set([path], value, [type]) // v15
component.set(value, [type]); // v16

component.inc([path], value, [type]); // v15
component.inc(value, [type]); // v16

component.extend([path], value, [type]; // v15
component.extend(value, [type]); // v16

component.rewrite([path], value, [type]); // v15
component.rewrite(value, [type]); // v16


  • M.cookies
  • M.dirty
  • M.valid
  • M.validate2
  • Array.prototype.waitFor

<body contains additional classes

+v18 appends jComponent custom classes on the body element.

  • jc-mobile if the browser is in mobile device
  • jc-touch the browser supports touch methods
  • jc-private runs in private mode
  • jc-ie current browser is Internet Explorer
  • jc-standalone is enabled a standalone browser mode