OpenPlatform / 01. Welcome
Updated: 24. February 2020
Author: Peter Širka

01. Welcome to OpenPlatform 4.0

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OpenPlatform is a simple enterprise-ready platform for running, integrating and managing multiple web applications. In short: OpenPlatform is a simple container for users and third-party applications independent on the client-side/server-side technology.

OpenPlatform 4


  • Install latest version of Node.js platform
  • Install latest version of GraphicsMagick
  • Install PostgreSQL
  • Create a database for OpenPlatform
  • Import database.sql
  • Install NPM dependencies $ npm install in the root of application
  • Update connection strings in /config file
  • Download Source-Code or Download bundle
  • Run it $ node debug.js
  • Open in your web browser

IMPORTANT: keep a hostname address to for testing because OpenPlatform checks the origin between OpenPlatform and Application for OpenPlatform in the background (if the server-side verification is enabled).

Default credentials:

login     : admin
password  : admin


Beta apps:


Download the file below, unzip, translate and store it as /resources/en.resource according to your language.