OpenPlatform / 04. Creating apps
Updated: 08. January 2019
Author: Peter Širka

04. Creating apps

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It's very easy to create OpenPlatform application. Follow this source-code: TestApp.

Domain name

Each OpenPlatform's application needs to have own domain name. Of course, for testing you can use local IP address in the form e.g., etc.. Important step is to have openplatform.json with meta data of this application. This file needs to be stored in application's root available on e.g. http//

IMPORTANT: you can use different domain names or second domain level.

Register new app

First you need to register your app in OpenPlatform. So run the OpenPlatform and then register your app in application's section (you need SuperAdmin privileges).

Open API

OpenPlatform supports a simple API for obtaining some informations.

User's online state

This endpoint returns an online state of the OpenPlatform user. The endpoint is unsecure for all apps, but you need to know ID of user.



    online: Boolean,
    datelogged: Date