OpenPlatform / 07. Troubleshooting
Updated: 06. May 2020
Author: Peter Širka

07. Troubleshooting

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Why the app can't authorize the user?

The problem can be in App origin.

  • check if the domain of your app is available on the server where the OpenPlatform is running
  • you can modify openplatform.json file for each file by adding a value to origin with your IP addresses

How can I refresh app?

It's very easy, just perform F5 in OpenPlatform and focused app will be refreshed.

How to obtain access token from app?

+v4 allows Apps to access via Access Token. Just execute: https://youropenplatform/access/APP_ACCESS_TOKEN/?url=REDIRECT_URL and then OpenPlatform will perform a redirect to your url with auto-generated ?openplatform=TOKEN.

IMPORTANT: You need to allow Allow apps to access via Access Token in OpenPlatform Settings.