jComponent / 01. Welcome
Updated: 09. January 2020
Author: Peter Širka

01. Welcome to jComponent library

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jComponent is a client-side library for creating reausable UI components. This library contains everything what you need for creating Single Page Applications or parts for your web sites, web applications or e-commerce. jComponent library is built on top of jQuery. Total.js products use jComponent library.


I have prepared several implementations of jComponent for different cases. The base point of jComponent is to create reusable components without complicated tools and dependencies. jQuery is the only one dependency for jComponent.

Type of libraries

jc.min.jsjComponent + Helpers
jcta.min.jsjComponent + Tangular + Helpers
jctajr.min.jsjComponent + Tangular + jRouting + Helpers
spa.min.jsjQuery + jComponent + Tangular + jRouting + Helpers
spa.min.cssBootstrap Grid System + Font-Awesome
  • jComponent contains a core of library (docs)
  • Helpers contain String, Date, Number, Array prototypes and much more
  • Tangular is a template engine like Angular.js v1 template engine (docs)
  • jRouting is a simple library for manipulating of HTML 5 History API (docs)

I recommend to use latest version of jComponent from our CDN hosted on KeyCDN:







spa.min@16.css, spa.min@17.css spa.min@18.css classes

This CSS library contains:

  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Bootstrap tables
  • Font-Awesome 5 Free
  • Preddefined styles:
    • b font-weight bold
    • m margin-bottom 15px
    • np padding 0
    • npt padding-top 0
    • npb padding-bottom 0
    • nmt margin-top 0
    • nmb margin-bottom 0
    • mt5 margin-top 5px
    • mt10 margin-top 10px
    • mr5 margin-right 5px
    • table-small a small table
    • padding padding 20px
    • link a link class (can be used for <span> too)
    • help a simple small info message, e.g. <div class="help">Field is required</div>
    • ui-dark preddefined <body> class with dark background and light foreground color
    • red foreground red color
    • blue foreground blue color
    • green foreground green color
    • silver foreground silver color
    • noscrollbar hides vertical scrollbars +v17
    • hellip crops the string with hellip ...

+v18 added the classes below automatically when the document is ready:

  • Browser detection:
    • jc-chrome
    • jc-opera
    • jc-edge
    • jc-firefox
    • jc-safari
    • jc-ie
    • jc-electron
    • jc-samsungbrowser
  • OS detection:
    • jc-mac
    • jc-linux
    • jc-windows
    • jc-webos
    • jc-ios
    • jc-android
  • Device detection:
    • jc-desktop
    • jc-mobile
    • jc-table
    • jc-tv
  • Display:
    • jc-lg large display
    • jc-md medium display
    • jc-sm small display
    • jc-xs extra small display
  • Other:
    • jc-nocookies disabled cookies
    • jc-nostorage disabled localStorage
    • jc-touch device supports touches
    • jc-standalone standalone app